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I’m not a linear guy (for better or worse).  I’ve been shaped by and thrive on a diversity of places, ideas and people.


I don the (self-titled) moniker Pan-Southerner after growing up in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee and living in Washington DC.  I call many places home and appreciate the culture that colors them all.  It’s my true beginning as a user researcher: studying the habits, behaviors and attitudes of seemingly strange places.  My one great unsolved case is the linguistic abnormality that left me without a southern accent.   


I’ve picked up a laundry list of degrees: Economics, Philosophy, Communications, Culture and Technology (with continuing coursework in Digital Graphic Design).  My education is an extension of my fascination with different ideas.  From game theory to cognition biases and cascading style sheets, I’m intoxicated by learning and an evangelist for education in the classroom and the workplace.  


My career in experience design and people management started among an unlikely group: high school students.  It began with the high school college applicants I interviewed as prospective Vanderbilt students.  I read thousands of applications and interviewed hundreds of students from around the world.  We would probe students’ merging identifies, weigh their accomplishments and predict success.  Fascinating and challenging work.  

My interview and research work has long since extended to areas such as e-commerce, health care, governments, digital products and global communities.  I’ve since managed talented groups of information architects, content strategists and digital designers.  But in each ethnographic study, mentoring session, or usability test, I still see a chance to learn, connect and improve through design.   


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APCO Worldwide
Washington, DC

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